London calling

So we have landed in one piece, gear intact, and feeling strangely refreshed. We were lucky with the flights, and after years of enduring sleep deprivation on the home front courtesy of young children, a long haul flight is suddenly a walk in the park.

London greeted us with a familiar arctic blast of cold air. We are staying in an area called Walthamstow, and all feels remarkably clean and gentrified compared to neighbourhoods we used to knock about in. Or more likely London has just moved on with the rest of the world and we weren’t here to witness it. All I know is that I had a very Melbourne style breakfast of avocado and eggs on toast, and a real proper flat white - a far cry from the greasy spoon style two eggs on toast and a molten hot instant coffee which we became accustomed to in years gone by! I’ll be disappointed, to be honest, if we don’t manage to squeeze in a greasy spoon style breakfast… just for old time’s sake.

We met up with our wonderful UK publicist Lucy this morning - the first of many reunions to look forward to over the coming days. Its a strange world these days where we can collaborate on something as complex as an album release from across the world, and not have actually spoken since we last met over 10 years ago. Its one of the things I’m looking forward to most about this tour - to actually meet up in the flesh with all these folks that we know so well.

Looking forward to the first of the Fortuna Pop! shows tonight, and to the Butterflies of Love arriving at some point today. Let the games begin!

Great to see Lucy from But I Like You PR

Great to see Lucy from But I Like You PR